Raw Greens Celery & Cuke Juice

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Raw Greens Celery & Cuke Juice


$11 + $2 bottle deposit (16 oz)
receive a $2 refund for each bottle you return in good condition

celery, cucumber, apples, kale, romaine, spinach, parsley, lemon 

made with organic ingredients

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Dr. Lisa's Nutritional Highlight

Kale: This amazing green is known as of the best cancer-fighting vegetables on the planet! It helps to regulate estrogen and may help ward off many forms of cancer such as breast, bowel, bladder, prostate and lung cancer. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and protects against heart disease. Kale has a host of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, one of which is calcium. The calcium content in kale is more than that of milk and it is also more absorbable than the calcium found in milk.

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